Dear Valued Customers!

Thankyou for your repeat business over the years.  As a thankyou for your business, you may have noticed that we started giving loyalty points against your orders in 2014.  These are accumulated on each account you set up.  We have noticed that some of you have set up several accounts with their own pots and some of you have ordered without signing in. 
Loyalty points can not be awarded to you if you don't sign in though. 
If you have ended up with several accounts please contact us to request they all be merged to the most recent one (we'll gather up all your points and pot them in one pot).  We'll also give you a user name and password (if you don't have one on the account already) which you should use each time you order and then you can benefit from this feature on all your future orders...Happy Days!

10 Useful Things to Know about SimtekUK Loyalty Points....
  1. Each point is worth £0.05 and lasts for 24 months. 
  2. You need to earn 100 points before you can start redeeming them against future orders. 
  3. So, if you spent £100.00 before carriage and VAT you'd earn 100 points giving you £5.00 you could redeem against your next order (but only if you sign in on the correct account next time).
  4. Each £1.00 you spend with SimtekUK earns 1 loyalty point (but only if you have signed in and transaction completes). 
  5. Orders less than £100 will contribute to accumulating points, redeemable when you reach 100 points. 
  6. If your order is fully or partly refunded the appropriate number of points will be removed from your pot. 
  7. If you cancel the order or your payment fails you will not earn any points.
  8. If you pay by Bank or phone etc rather than PayPal, your points won't be allocated until we reach the Completed status.
  9. On top of the usual savings you make by shopping with us, you can save 5% on your overall spend over a 24 month period by signing in to order.
  10. Contact us if you have any questions about your loyalty points.